The Reptilian Among Us


Photo: AFP


You will either scoff at the truth, or reach a higher level of consciousness through the wisdom I will present to you in the following article. As a being attuned to the cosmos at a transcendental level, not all can comprehend intellectual acuity beyond “science,” “news,” and other low vibrational concepts. If you’re here  to laugh at my madman theory, go ahead. Laugh to your heart’s oblivious content. But for those who truly want to experience enlightenment, your mind shall remain pure, untouched by the reptilian that plagues many. You will learn the elite truth. You will become aware of the shape-shifters among us.

For millennia, the reptilian race has attempted to conquer our world. These blood-drinking, flesh-eating, shape-shifting extraterrestrials linger among us in secrecy. They infiltrate the Grammys, the Oscars, the White House, and even our schools in complete anonymity. Through advanced technology, they deceptively present themselves as human beings.

Reptilians posing as humans can change the color of their eyes. Typically, they have green, blue, or hazel-colored eyes, according to former footballer and conspiracy-theorist David Icke. Their eyesight and hearing is keen and precise, superior to the average human being due to technology or genetics superior to ours. Due to their extraterrestrial origin, many of them have an affinity towards space.  Many “people” within our lives exhibit these traits. In fact, if you close your eyes and take the time to think, a few may pop into your mind. Maybe Justin Bieber? Mark Zuckerburg? Maybe someone more personal. A teacher, maybe, residing within our very school: Ms. Mlinek. 

Ms. Mlinek, literary arts teacher of Carver Center, is one of the many reptilians lurking around the premises of the school. At first, I lacked any suspicions towards her. My interactions with her were often ordinary and humanly. Too humanly, looking back at it. 

I took time to ponder her name as it popped up in my mind. That name. Mlinek. It rolls off the tongue like a glass marble within my mouth. Although its a human-sounding name based on human-dialect, it sounds… too human, doesn’t it? To an extent, it uncannily resembles the word “milk,” orally and visually. Unless you’re a reptilian new to the human concept, you should know what “milk” is. If you don’t, you know who you are. I’ll find you within a matter of time, and you’ll meet the same inevitable fate as Ms. Mlinek. 

You’re probably wondering what the word “milk” has to do with a tyrannical alien species out to conquer our beautiful planet. I will get there, just read through my manic train of thought. Nobody ever questions the origin of “milk.” Not the actual substance. Everyone knows that it comes from cows. Everyone knows that brown-colored cows produce chocolate milk, while pink-colored cows produce strawberry. However, when it comes to the actual word, the origins of it are quite obscure among my people.

Through research, I discovered that its origins traced back to the Indo-European dialect. Greek, a language influenced by this dialect, has a cognate for the word: “galakt.” Just as Ms. Mlinek’s name is similar to the word “milk,” doesn’t “galakt” remind you of something otherworldly? Extraterrestrial? Beyond this plane of existence that we live in? Perhaps the galaxy, a celestial system of stars and planets held together by gravity? We live within a galaxy, ourselves, which is known as the milky way galaxy. Coincidentally, the name of this galaxy bears the same name of a Mars candy bar consisting of milk products. The Milky Way galaxy itself derives its name from a Greek legend involving baby Hercules, who was said to have created it when he pushed the lactating nipple of his mother away from him.

Milk, nipples, babies. All of these, we associate with mammalians. But like all reptilians, Ms. Mlinek could not repress her affinity towards outer space. At a subliminal level, Ms. Mlinek persuades humans that she is like them through her name. It is a clever tactic. Even Elon Musk did it with his name, having a name similar to the phrase “elongated muskrat.” Reptilians lack the ability to produce milk. To avoid any possible skepticism or questioning, she hides her cold-blooded identity through her name.

Going back to the features most reptilians possess, Ms. Mlinek has bright-colored eyes and a keen sense of vision, superior to the average human being. (Believe me. I’m in her classes.) If you ever notice, they are quite colorful. As you can see, she fits much into the criteria of identifying a reptilian. Undoubtedly, she is one of many among us, just like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. A few times, I’ve even witnessed her holographic technology “flickering,” revealing her true alien form for mere seconds. This error lasted for a short time. Luckily, I’ve managed to capture her on camera, as seen here: 

Pure footage of Ms. Mlinek, not photoshopped. Photo by me.

It may not be noticeable at first. When phasing through forms, it can get quite messy. But if you look closely, you can see that her facade of an average human reverts into a bloodthirsty lizard seeking world domination.

How Ms. Mlinek plans to achieve her goals, that is something beyond my comprehension since I lack a reptilian brain. But one thing’s for sure: she’s an alien. Hide your kids, hide your wife. Hide yourself along with them. She’s an alien, and like all aliens, she’s out to get you. Stay woke.