The DONT’S of the School Bathroom

Aleena Salmon

The Don’ts of School BathroomsMake a Positive Impact by Updating Your School Bathrooms

There are many different uses for the school restrooms. The most common use… USING the bathroom. Others may go in to wash their hands and leave, touch up make-up, talk with friends, or cry for a couple of minutes. Well, I’m here to tell what NOT to do and why.

There is no worse feeling than someone walking into the bathroom at the same time as you, or while you’re hovering over the toilet trying to poop. Especially if someone decides open up the stall door right next to you.


If there is an open stall not directly next to another person using the bathroom… I beg of you, please use it! Bladders can be shy, let’s give them some room to do what they gotta do. Some room to breathe I might say.


If you walk out of a stall at the same time as someone else, do NOT stare at them. Eye contact is a complete NO-NO. You don’t want someone to know what you were doing in the bathroom. I promise you that person does not want to know what you were doing on the toilet, and we all want to avoid that awkward straight-smiling face that’s expected every time you look someone in the eye.


Please do not go into the bathroom to talk to your friends about how someone doesn’t like you and you how you want to swing her by her hair. Don’t you think it’s already uncomfortable enough having to handle your private things in an extremely public place? Why make it worse by running your mouth about some irrelevant conflict with your ex-bestie. If you were really about that action, you’d say it to their face anyways, and you’d never know who might be hiding behind the stall doors. Your drama might get exposed a lot quicker than you expected.

  1. DON’T CRY

Imagine trying to do your business when someone comes in crying about their boyfriend cheating. Sorry to tell you this, but I don’t care about your problems and my bowels surely won’t stop moving for them. Go in the stairwell or something to vent take care of your sorrows before you start smelling something that’s gonna make your mood worse.

So, next time you go into the bathroom, keep a few of these don’ts in mind, and you might make someone’s, or even your own, one-thousand percent better. Have a great day!