Kiran Shere-Wolfe, student

 What is up Carver Wild Cats. We all love Fortnite. This hit 2017 battle royal third-person shooter became an instant success and instantly inserted itself into the arts of many. What made the game so engaging and fun was despite being a fun take on traditional multiplayer video gamers, is that it was available for all. It was free to play across basically all platforms: Switch, Ps4, Xbox, Mobile and Pc. Of course, Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, needed to make money somehow, so they integrated a system we have become very familiar with. For a certain price players could customize their character with cosmetic items that had no effect on gameplay. Items could range in price using the in-game currency v-bucks. All you really need to know is legendary skins cost $20 of 2000 Vbucks, and are regarded as the most prestigious. Diehard fans flocked to these cosmetics eager to pimp out their character. Naturally some skins are better than others. A simple common skin paled in comparison to a might legendary skin with all its glitz and glamour. Today we will be reviewing the top ten coolest Fortnite skins for you to spend all your hard earned Vbucks on. This guide will inform you on only the snazziest of snazzy skins and will not include any event exclusive or battle pass skins as those are no longer available. Strap on in Epic Gamers as we tell you how to get the best bang for your Vbuck and look your best doing it.  


  1. Joker Skin 

 I didn’t want to include any superhero skins on this list because they’re all really corny and dumb, but the Joker is an exception. The Joker is a pop culture icon and the middle schooler in me couldn’t resist. I really mess with what the Joker has to say about society, and I think that his 2019 film was a masterpiece that truly spoke volumes about society. I think the Joker is a modern Aristotle and his nihilistic philosophy surpasses Nietzsche in depth and nuance. The Joker also is the coolest superhero villain ever and also canonically has abs and also was played by Jack Nicholson and also wears green and green is a cool color so that’s pretty cool. Overall, the Joker is a timeless classic now in Fortnite form, for $30 you can break away from the sheep’s and rage against the machine like the true woke liberal you are.  


  1. Raven skin 

This skin is a classic. Being one of the few legendary skins the Raven skin released in 2018 it has been a staple in any true Fortnite gamer’s loadout. It retails at $20 MSRP and is part of Fortnite’s ‘Nevermore’ run. Sporting a linen black hood with neon glowing purple eyes, silk bandana, as well as further blue and purple accents in the forms of feathers, stitching and gauntlets, this skin is a sleek classic that will never go out of style. 


  1. Toon Meowscles Skin

The original Meowscles skin was featured in the Chapter 2 Season 3 battle pass and hence could not be featured, yet the calico silhouette became an instant classic, prompting Epic to create altered rereleases of the beloved feline. Toon Meowscles was one of the many interpretations of the original Meowscles, featuring a 1920’s black and white cartoon aesthetic, with a cell shaded effect. It’s clean black and white contrast, recognizable figure and muscular charm, all at the price of $14; earns this skin a number 8 spot on this list. Also, it looks like my boy Saul Weatherholtz, and I love Saul Weatherholtz.  


  1. Goku Skin

I haven’t watched Dragon Ball Z but I know a lot of people like it. Personally, as someone with a loud voice, I find the screaming in the show to be relatable. Goku is the main character I think, idk I didn’t do my research, but he has big muscles and big muscles are really cool and he also has yellow hair and that’s neat too. For $20 you can let the whole lobby know you don’t shower.  


  1. Ninja Skin

Ninja is a guy. For $20 you can be a guy.  


P-1000 skin

Peely is in a similar vain as Meowscles, being that he is a classic skin that was only available in the Chapter 1 Season 8 battle pass. Epic games, hearing the desperate cry’s of their fanbase, jumped on and created a multitude of alterations of the Peely skin, including blue Peely and the P-1000 skin. The P-1000 skin is possibly the coolest of all the Peely skins because he is a robot and chat GBT is really cool, so robots must be really cool. However, as someone who enjoys the Terminator franchise, I must explain my criticism. The skin P-1000 is a reference to the character T-1000 from the Terminator franchise. For anyone who knows the series they will recognize Epic’s error in design. The P-1000 skin clearly imitates the T-800 from the first terminator film, with its blockier more robotic silhouette. However, the Skin’s name references the T-1000 from Terminator 2, which was more a blob of chrome that shape shifted into any form, often mimicking an average man and not a bulky hydraulic robot machine. So essentially the skin’s name references an entirely different model of Terminator Robot than the skin’s actually appearance. Despite this the skin is still really cool, and for only $15 you can wear a less cool version of a gimmicky skin. 


Skull Trooper Skin

Another classic. The Skull Trooper skin has been a highly sought after skin. Any OG Fortnite Epic gamer will know the Skull Trooper was released in Chapter 1 Season 1 on Halloween 2017, and remained out of the item shop for a extremely long time. This gave the skin a aura of rarity and status, essentially marking anyone who owned it as a connoisseur of Fortnite cosmetics. Epic rereleased the skin. Despite losing its rarity, the skin remains a classic, a clean traditional silhouette with white accents across a stark black background. While the skins now may be more adventurous and gaudy, at the time the skeletal pattern made this skin a glamorous statement, and in present day a reserved, yet stylish selection. For $15 you can cosplay as your grandpa.  


Durr Burger skin

Back in the old days, Durr Burger and Tomato Head were iconic for Fortnite. The game lacked characters that stood out or could be recognized as Fortnite, however this changed with the release of the Durr Burger skin. The Durr Burger skin is one often overlooked yet still quite impactful. Much like Skull Trooper, at the time of its release it stood out as a zanier skin among a lot of duller reserved cosmetics. Its burger head was instantly recognizable and its purple and orange contrast added to its flashiness. Sadly, it seems to have been long overlooked in the sea of flashy neon colors and Marvel crossovers, yet it remains a timeless classic and entertaining for the old soul. For $15 you can wear your cholesterol on your sleeve.  


Mr. Meeseeks Skin

Why did they add this? I DON’T KNOW!!! But they did and boy howdy it’s a cosmetic and its from a show. My friend Ryan really likes this skin but that’s beside the point, Rick and Morty is a tv show that people watch. It has a fanbase that exists and says stuff. The Mr. Meeseeks skin is the best skin from this set because it is the skin that least associates you with watching Rick and Morty. This skin is only for those with an IQ above 150, and for $15 you can announce that you own Reddit gold and didn’t have many childhood friends.   


Honorable mention. Travis Scott  

Okay, hear me out. I knoooooow indirectly killed 8 people and I knoooooow he didn’t really apologize for it, but c’mon; Astroworld is, like, a really good album, and, like, the skin is reaaaaaallly cool, and the in game concert was super-duper dope, so I think we can forgive him. For the outrageous price of $25 you can dress as a mid-tier artist.  


  1. Beast skin 

My friend Henry said I should put this skin here and I’ve lost the will to care anymore. Mr. Beast is a guy who does charity stuff so that’s good, but he has made some questionable choices, but like its chill ig. Idk, he has a $20 Fortnite skin and that’s really cool, kinda not really. Also, pls give me money Mr. Beast pls I spent it all on Fortnite skins.