The Hallway Squatters


Students eating in the hallway

Sandy Xu, Class of 2025

With the recent cold weather, it’s no surprise that there’s very few people eating outside. Rather than heading to the dining hall, many people have gathered in the hallway to eat instead. Out of curiosity, I have collected data from several people eating in the hallway. 75% of the surveyed students answered that they prefer eating in the hallway over eating outside. The majority of these students said that they are more inclined to eat outside when there’s warmer weather. The common reasons for not eating in the dining hall include a lack of space, a large quantity of people, and how loud the dining hall can be.

Ms. Hill, a member of the staff, is one of the people who oversees lunch on a regular basis. Regarding the students’ usage of the hallways to eat lunch, she commented, “I think it’s a good thing. It gives students a sense of comfort.” In addition, the cafeteria doesn’t have much space despite lunch being divided into three sections. When spring comes around and the weather gets warmer, we can expect more students to eat outside once again.