The Fight Still Lives Within You


A teacher. A basketball coach. And most importantly, my mother; who’s been dealing with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis for years. Image Source: Varsity Sports Network

Ill-stricken from the start,
You never let the disease tear you apart,
When disability could potentially strike,
You overshadowed it with the things you like,

The masks you’ve worn each passing day,
Have threatened your body to your dismay,
But that did not stand in the way,
Of the countless paths you’ve paved; a price to pay,

Each mask you’ve worn tells a different story,
One of family, one of intellect, and one of fame and glory,
Behind each mask is the same woman, putting up a fight,
Against the disease that haunts her each passing day and night,

You’ve worn the face of the great Coach Mac,
Winner of three rings, two were back-to-back,
You’ve sent many players off to college; truly a lasting effect,
And shaped must-see rivalries; your rivals gave you respect,

When your legacy ended, nothing was lost at all,
For you left a great change in the game of basketball,
But when the disease inside you became even worse,
You stood up to this never-ending curse,

The educator face your wear,
Shows no mercy to the disease’s wear and tear,
As you spread knowledge being the teacher you are,
Whenever you need help, the students are never too far,

You instantly connect with every student you meet,
Befriending and getting to know them; an amazing feat,
Who they are doesn’t matter one bit to you,
For your kindness is like a boomerang; this I know is true,

Some students call you Momma Mac,
Because they know you have their back,
Just like I know you have mine,
Your presence at home is always divine,

Every day you come home, the disease calls a truce,
Yet you’re still fighting it, there is no excuse,
But when it fights back, you know exactly who to call,
Whenever you’re feeling shaky and ready to fall,

You raised two daughters and raised them right,
To help you and your husband in this endless fight,
They’re well educated and athletic; such a wonderful sight,
And they hope for the day you’ll see the light,

You share countless stories with your loved ones,
Some tragic, some funny, and some reruns,
But when you hear stories about others with the same disease as you,
You say to yourself, “I know what I must do,”

Listen well dear mother, take this advice,
If the disease discourages you, always think twice,
Drive yourself with hope, and if you tackle something new,
Remember the fight still lives within you.